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Aluminum Print 11×17 – May


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Beneath the Bravery: Firefighter Edition - Exclusive Aluminum Prints

Description: Dive into the depths of courage and dedication with our
"Beneath the Bravery: Firefighter Edition," a breathtaking collection
of underwater aluminum prints. These 11x17 inch masterpieces, captured
by the renowned Dr. Rochelle Neally of Beneath the Surface
Photography, showcase the unseen valor of firefighters from the Los
Angeles County and Long Beach Fire Departments.

Each print is a tribute to the heroes who confront not only flames but
also face grave risks from toxic exposure. These underwater shots,
more than just photographs, are symbolic narratives of resilience,
strength, and the fight against unseen dangers. Printed on superior
quality aluminum and coated with UV laminate, these prints promise
longevity and enduring vibrance, just like the spirit of the
firefighters they depict.

This exclusive collection is not only an artistic endeavor but also a
crucial part of a fundraising initiative by the Grass Roots Wellness
Foundation. The goal is to equip local fire stations with low EMF
infrared saunas, offering a natural detoxification solution for
firefighters post-exposure. Each purchase directly contributes to this
noble cause, aiding in the health and safety of our brave

Embrace this unique opportunity to own a piece of art that speaks
volumes about bravery beneath the surface. Let these prints be a
constant reminder of the courage, sacrifice, and dedication of our
firefighting heroes. Support the cause, honor the bravery, and bring a
piece of heroic art into your space with the "Beneath the Bravery:
Firefighter Edition."


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