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Kinesiology taping is used to help relieve pain, increase lymphatic flow and reduce swelling/edema, and support movement. 

How it helps?

Kinesiology taping helps by influencing the largest organ in the body, the skin. When the tape is stretched and placed onto the skin, it decompresses the layers below, allowing better gliding between the tissues as well as increasing the fluid flow. 

Specific taping can help reduce bruise healing time, reduce swelling, and edema. The skin also has many sensory receptors that detect stretching and pulling. Due to these receptors, taping can be used to stimulate and assist in supporting joints as well as different movements. These can be used to help the healing process and to improve function and performance. 

 Other tapes are Leukotape and traditional taping with Johanson and Johnson white tape. These tapings are used for joint support and restriction. It can be instrumental in providing the stability needed to progress from an injury to perform their sport or active daily living.

Who it helps?

Taping can help treat sports injuries, swelling, aches and pains, dysfunctional movement patterns, postural faults, proprioceptive dysfunction, and under or overused muscles.

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