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Kinetisense is the world’s first patented Markerless Motion Capture system. The system uses state-of-the-art software and Wii technology to capture pictures and videos that let us objectively assess posture and biomechanics in real-time. With this information, we can track rehabilitation progress or identify imbalances that may impact sports performance.

Our system facilitates the functional analysis of any front-facing position with hundreds of variations. Every human body is unique, and each body has its own mobility and stability capabilities. It also analyzes human movement in real time and all three planes of movement.


Muscle imbalances can lead to poor posture and improper biomechanics, which may set you up for injury and chronic pain. Based on your initial Kinetisense evaluation, which takes just a few minutes, we will recommend specific exercises and provide personalized instruction to help you perform at your best.

What are the benefits of a Functional Movement Screening?

A standardized way to identify major movement limitations or issues: A functional movement screening with Kinetisense, can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes per patient, which makes it a simple tool to assess entire athletic teams.

Provide a baseline: Proper care after an injury, or for the athlete who wants to improve performance, functional movement screenings are key to providing a baseline that can be used to build a plan to help an athlete return from injury or improve their performance.

Improve communication between healthcare professionals: If an athlete sustains an injury, there is a chance they will see one specialist after another. All of them will need historical information about the athlete and can use reports from a Kinetisense functional movement screening to determine weaknesses, before the injury or even to measure progress during recovery.

How Kinetisense Helps

Patients and clients will want to see the changes that occur over the course of movement rehabilitation or performance-enhancement training. The Kinetisense technology can be leveraged to attract new clients in a variety of ways, whether that’s assessing the community and bringing more new patients and clients to your facility or by adding new billables, by incorporating 3D motion analysis to your protocols.

The goal of a functional movement screening is to provide practitioners with a full appraisal of how an individual moves. Limitations and asymmetries that are identified by the functional movement screening are ones that can increase risk of injuries, but it is important to note that other factors may come into play, such as landing mechanics, strength, endurance, weight, power, and technical ability. Kinetisense is the tool practitioners can use to provide concrete evidence and increase patient care. 



At Bloch Wellness every new Initial Evaluation includes a Kinetisense Range of Motion assessment. This allows for your practitioner to have a better baseline understanding of your current range of motion, mobility, and stability, within your body. 

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