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Using kinetisense, practitioner hands-on and  visual fully body assessment, eye evaluation, and the natus force plate evaluation along with a thorough background of basic sport biomechanics, health history, an evaluation and report is generated specific to the athlete and team.

Team evaluations are conducted utilizing Kinetisense functional evaluation, neuro/eye evaluation, and balance/vestibular evaluation with Natus Force Plate. (Highlight these words and create links so they can look up what they are) The evaluation provides the team with objective baseline information before the season starts. With this information teams can work with their athletes to strengthen and improve any areas in their performance to help prevent injury and help them to perform at an optimal level. Having these baseline measurements also benefits if the players sustain an injury during the season. This allows us to retest as they recover and try to either get the athlete back to baseline or better. 

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