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Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), is a noninvasive system used to restore symmetry and balance to the body’s muscular system by improving range of motion, joint stability and muscle strength. MAT helps the muscular system be more efficient and effective, which improves performance and reduces pain. 

People who have suffered an injury most commonly take advantage of this technique—which has been likened to massage therapy or chiropractic care—and they may experience more noticeable results due to a decrease in pain. However, everyone can benefit from MAT.

At Bloch Wellness, we look closely at neurological muscle dysfunction with a technique called Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). MAT recognizes that inflammation can create neurological weaknesses. We look at these neurological weaknesses as a communication issue rather than a strength issue. It is here that muscles lose their ability to contract efficiently and can no longer stabilize your joints and protect your body from injury. 

 In our exam we look for these restrictions and activate them by treating where the muscles attach to the bone. It is there where the nervous system sends an electrical signal to tell the muscle what to do (contract on demand). The above mentioned inflammation interferes with that signal. MAT simply jump starts your muscles’ battery, and allows your body to withstand a greater amount of force, with less chance of injury. 

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