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  • Prenatal:  We carry top of the line supplements to support your prenatal needs.
    Gentle and specific chiropractic during pregnancy to ensure the best of the best delivery possible. Specific adjustments to help common issues that can occur during pregnancy:  reflux, heartburn, sciatic pain, round ligament pain and low back pain. Our Doctors are certified in the Webster Technique which allows the baby to turn if they are breech. We use specific chiropractic pregnancy pillows so patients can lay comfortably face down, even up to nine months pregnant! We specialize in low force treatments such as the Activator Technique, Thompson Drop Table and gentle Diversified adjustments. We also offer massage therapy to ease aching backs during pregnancy.
  • Post-Partum Treatment:  We offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy to aid speedy recovery after birth. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a safe and effective treatment for inflammation and pain.

Women can heal from a c-section or natural birth rapidly with a few sessions.

We also evaluate newborns for problems with latching, tongue tie, reflux, constipation, torticollis, ear infections and plagiocephaly. A baby’s spine will double in size during their first year of life, so this is an important time to have your baby evaluated. We use a very light touch with infants. Gentle mobilization using the Activator and pediatric drop piece.

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