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What are Natus Force Plates?

Force plates are sensor systems that are sensitive to mechanical stimulation. Force plates have load cells that collect the force characteristics of a given movement. You can essentially think of these platforms as bathroom scales, that tell us A LOT more about what’s going on during a movement. Natus Force Plates are one of the most highly accurate and research-backed commercial force plates available. 

How does it help?

 Force plates are able to give coaches, therapists and all practitioners a deeper insight to a client’s movement habits.  Through this technology, we are able to systematically progress a wide variety of populations back to a state of optimal functioning.

Who do they help?

Force plates are a feature of any practice that truly desires to know what’s going on during a movement. Without the data and knowledge to assess the force profile of a client, everyone is subject to developing faulty movement patterns, increasing their risk of injury. Force plates are a necessary tool for endurance athletes and first responders looking to assess imbalances that might contribute to decreased efficiency and increased injury risk. Force plates offer a sound and reliable method of assessing concussion severity and gauging return to sport timelines. This technology has also played a pivotal role in assessing fall risk amongst older individuals, as well as progressing clients through balance programs to counter this risk. These are just a few scenarios in which the Natus Force Plates play a crucial role in optimizing human performance.

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