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Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is a therapy that is in contrast to static stretching which is a passive technique in which the therapist does all the work, MET is an active technique in which the patient is also an active participant. MET is based on the concepts of Autogenic Inhibition and Reciprocal Inhibition. If a sub-maximal contraction of the muscle is followed by stretching of the same muscle it is known as Autogenic Inhibition MET, and if a submaximal contraction of a muscle is followed by stretching of the opposite muscle then this is known as Reciprocal Inhibition MET. 

Muscle Energy Technique is used at Bloch to help patients who may be unable to tolerate a normal diversified adjustment. At Bloch, we use this technique to create checks and balances with the bodie’s musculoskeletal system. This provides immediate relief of pain and usually increased range of motion to help you walk out of Bloch feeling longer and stronger. 

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