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GRASSROOTSWELLNESS FOUNDATION is a 501C3 and emerges from Dr. Karen Bloch and Dr. Rochelle Neally’s passion for healing everyone who walks through their doors—driven by progressive ideas, bold action, and a strong foundation of support.

Their dedication is to provide the same level of treatment to anyone seeking treatment, regardless of the ability to pay. GRW is an opportunity to provide every patient with a team of professionals to manage their treatment and care at little to no cost.

GRW understands that each person’s journey to health is unique and hopes to help you get started on your journey.



When walking into the GRW center, you will notice that all individuals have access to the most current state-of-the-art medical technologies and advanced recovery solutions regardless of financial means. Our founders ensure pathways are offered for supportive and life-changing treatments for infants to world-class athletes. Principled in research-based care, integrative medicine, diagnostic testing, and nutrition, GRW ensures that individuals have a full continuum of options for preventative care, rehabilitation therapeutics, and recovery solutions.



Jeremiah was born with no body movement; the doctors said he had low muscle tone, and when his mom held him up, she said, “he went limp, like a rag doll.” Jeremiah underwent tests and saw specialists and was losing weight. He went from seven pounds to five and was failing to thrive. At two months, Jeremiah was fitted with a G-tube to give direct access to his stomach for supplemental feeding. The doctors continued running tests, including genetic testing on both parents, and still, they could not figure out what was wrong. Neurologists were stumped and kept telling his parents everything appeared normal. Jeremiah was finally diagnosed with Hypotonia or poor muscle tone. Hypotonia can be triggered by problems with the nervous system or muscular system – sometimes, it’s the result of an injury, illness, or inherited disorder. In Jeremiah’s case, the cause was never identified.  At nine months, Jeremiah began physical therapy, including feeding therapy. Jeremiah’s mother would even pretend to feed Jeremiah to keep the feeling of using his mouth and jaw to eat. After three months of going to physical therapy four days a week, a mom referred Jeremiah’s family to Dr. Rochelle Neally.

At their first meeting, Dr. Neally, a highly skilled and trained pediatric chiropractor, evaluated Jeremiah, and requested an x-ray of his neck and back. Dr. Neally’s approach of partnering with Jeremiah and his family, beyond clinical treatment, demonstrated her dedication to providing a caring, healing environment where Jeremiah could genuinely flourish. Jeremiah’s x-ray revealed a severe misalignment in his upper cervical spine. Dr. Neally’s plan of care for Jeremiah began immediately. She used an activator and pediatric drop piece to deliver low-force adjustments to Jeremiah’s upper cervical spine. Dr. Neally combined these adjustments with other innovative modalities, which included: 40 minutes of Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation (BEMER), which is designed to improve circulation, thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes after each adjustment; and one hour of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) four days a week, which involved breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized HBOT chamber. The air pressure in the chambers increases two to three times higher than normal air pressure, and under these conditions, lungs gather much more oxygen. When blood carries this extra oxygen throughout the body, it helps stimulate the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.


Jeremiah’s mom stated, “before treatments with Dr. Neally, I had to hold his neck and torso up so that he could sit down.” After only two visits with Dr. Neally, everyone noticed Jeremiah starting to pick his head up on his own. After two months, Jeremiah’s family saw immense improvements. Jeremiah had significantly increased leg movement and more head control. After four months, he was sitting on his own, without anyone having to hold him up. After six months, Jeremiah was eating 100% by mouth, and the G-tube was removed. Throughout his treatment with Dr. Neally, Jeremiah continued to see his regular doctors and specialists, who were stunned at his progress. Jeremiah’s family was told he would not walk, and they should consider getting a wheelchair. Jeremiah took his first steps at about one year and eight months. Jeremiah continues to follow Dr. Neally’s treatment plan of adjustments, BEMER, and HBOT. Jeremiah has made tremendous strides, and his family is thrilled that he has overcome many of the symptoms of Hypotonia and is talking, standing, walking, running, and eating all on his own.


Jeremiah’s health was the family’s top priority and ensuring he had every opportunity to receive treatment meant his care became a full-time job. Jeremiah’s mom quit her job to care for him. This took a financial toll on the family, especially when they didn’t qualify for any financial help through SSI. Plus, the care with Dr. Neally was not covered by insurance either. Dr. Neally and her business partner, Dr. Bloch, saw the family struggling, yet healing Jeremiah was essential, and they continued to provide all his treatment for free. Dr. Neally stated that “Helping Jeremiah inspired her and Dr. Bloch to find a way to provide health and wellness options for everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.” Jeremiah’s family is unwavering in their belief that he would not be where he is without Dr. Neally’s compassion and willingness to try out-of-box treatments.

Grassroots Wellness Foundation, created by Dr. Rochelle Neally and Dr. Karen Bloch, benefits all the Jeremiahs who walk through their doors.

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