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What is Pulsed PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)  treats your cells like batteries. It’s common for them to slowly be drained of energy. By the end of a day, your body and mind may feel tired and depleted. PEMF is used to generate energy in your cells without an invasive procedure. This amplifies your natural energy and encourages your body to function more effectively. PEMF is a drug free, non-invasive, pain relief alternative treatment, which also promotes accelerated healing for ailments and injuries. In addition, PEMF therapy improves sleep, mental focus, and the body’s overall performance, by helping the energy output and regeneration of the body’s cells.

How does PEMF therapy work?

Each magnetic pulse generates an electrical signal that stimulates cellular metabolism and repair, regenerating blood cells, improving circulation, and increasing oxygen capacity. The therapy increases cellular oxygen absorption by up to 200%, which reduces pain from damaged and diseased tissue, torn tendons, and fractured bones, which helps accelerate recovery.

When a complementary electromagnetic field is introduced into the body, healthy electromagnetic exchanges can be reestablished. This is the reason why PEMF’s are considered to be extremely useful; they are capable of stimulating all levels of the body. 

Who do we recommend pulsed PEMF therapy to?

Since the cellular reaction takes place in everybody, magnetic fields are not condition specific. As a result, PEMF therapy can be used to assist with:

  • Increasing circulation
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Accelerating bone healing
  • Enhancing muscle function
  • Reducing the effects of stress
  • Improving blood oxygenation
  • Valuable treatment for labral tears, hip tears, fractures, cancer and also dealing with any type of full body fibromyalgia. 

Benefits of PEMF therapy

Some of the most common benefits of this therapy include:

  1. Enhances the body’s natural recovery process
  2. Corrects cellular dysfunction throughout the body
  3. Stimulates and exercises cells to recharge cells
  4. Gives patients more energy naturally
  5. Improves athletic performance
  6. Reduces inflammation and pain
  7. Helps you recover from an injury faster

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