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What is Optogait?

Our Optogait system features a highly renowned treadmill that employs optical detection to collect and analyze characteristics about our clients gait analysis. This system utilizes two identical sets of LED containing bars, that give feedback to one another when a client performs walking and running tasks. Optogait tracks the clients movement and interprets the duration and positioning between each cycle to give an exceptionally accurate gait analysis portfolio.

How does it help?

Our expert staff is able to receive accurate data regarding their clients patterns in a convenient, practical and safe manner, by utilizing the Optogait technology. In most scenarios, practitioners have to rely on low reliability measurements, such as cameras or the human eye, to assume dysfunctions or imbalances during gait. Here at Bloch Wellness, our tracking systems give precise measurements that allow our wellness instructors to analyze what’s really going on internally during our clients movement patterns, thus taking the guesswork out. This in turn, promotes a more accurate approach to assisting our wide variety of populations seeking to optimize their performance.

Who does it help?

Optogait allows for optimal programming and gradually progressing clients towards their goals across a wide variety of functional purposes. This gait analysis technology is useful for endurance runners looking to assess, track and increase their running economy. It may also be useful for clients with high activity level occupations that require extensive manual labor and walking, looking to avoid overuse injuries. Moreover, the Optogait plays a critical role in our ability to track fall risk amongst older clientele or those suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. These can all be achieved through examining gait asymmetries and imbalances from a quick and easy analysis here at Bloch Wellness.

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